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Emily headcanons but for her in London?? (:

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Sure thing anon! Note that this was really fun to do because there is so much room for creativity! Here be some Emily/London headcanons for all y’alls:

  • Prentiss reconnected with Clyde while in London. Although they hooked up a few times in the past, they were either working together or oceans apart so there was no chance for a real relationship. The two of them decided to give it a shot once Emily was back on her feet and settled. She’s actually happy for the first time in a long time.
  • Em has a shit-ton of pictures of herself with the team on her desk and walls. When people ask who they are she just smiles and says “my family.”
  • Emily got Sergio a brother while in London. She now has a white tomcat named Devil who is very laid-back and likes to just chill on her shoulders. Cats have a calming effectsomething Prentiss definitely needs.
  • For the first few months Prentiss was gone, the team members still called her by accident sometimes (especially Morgan), or Hotch said her name while giving assignments and took a minute to realize she wasn’t there. It was hard for all of them to get used to the idea that Emily’s bright smile would no longer greet them every day.
  • After almost a year, Prentiss is starting to develop a British accent much to the amusement of the team. Morgan is a bit freaked, but Garcia thinks it’s hot.
  • Although she loves her new job, Emily still misses the BAU. She misses flirting and making dirty jokes with Morgan. She misses the rare times when Hotch would crack a smile and she’d instantly feel okay. She misses listening to Reid excitedly ramble on about the most obscure things that cross his brilliant mind, and JJ; her blackbird. She misses Rossi and his never-ending sass, plus his fatherly love for her, and Penelope with the light she brings into such a dark occupation. No matter how much time passes, or how far away she is these people will always be her true family.
  • Emily vetted Blake thoroughly (there’s no way in hell she was just gonna let some stranger join her family without a good background check). Prentiss was very pleased with what she found and was so glad the team was in good hands with Alex there.
  • Now that Prentiss pretty much has a desk job, she Skypes with Garcia on a regular basis. Although in person would be better, the two are so fucking happy to be able to talk daily and keep each other informed.
  • Emily misses being in the field most of all. Kicking down doors with Morgan and taking down unsubs was one of the best things about the BAU and she really longs for that same action. Because of this, Prentiss spends extra time teaching tactical training classes at Interpol and spends her weekends with Clyde at the shooting range.
  • Prentiss wanted her tombstone. Although probably very illegal and distasteful, she had an idea of hanging it dead-center on the wall in her new office so when people walk in they see just how fucking metal she is. Hotch wasn’t sure if she was kidding or not (knowing Emily, most likely not).
  • Emily is a total hard-ass in her new job. She can totally scare the shit out of her agents (like Strauss-level intimidation), and has a death stare that she knows Hotch would be proud of.
  • Prentiss never told her mother about the major promotion in London she got. Although they tried mending things years ago, inevitably the shit hit the fan and they haven’t spoken since, until Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss walked into her daughter’s office one day on business, and was surprised as fuck to see Emily sitting there. Em kinda just smiled and was like “You missed my funeral…”


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CRIMINAL MINDS WEDNESDAY!!! It is time to start preparing for the SEASON 10 PREMIER of CRIMINAL MINDS. …OCTOBER 1st at 9 pm on#CBS. Only 2 weeks left until the drama BEGINS. ….ARE YOU READY??? 💯

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